May Shabbat Services

We are delighted Gabriel Kanter-Webber will lead our Shabbat morning service bringing us all together in mutual support and care.

The service will start at our usual time 11am and Gabriel will open the shul door (the Zoom channel) half an hour earlier to give you time to settle or sort any individual IT hiccups !

It would be great to have volunteers to read haftarah & the Torah translation. We will break bread together after the service with kiddush so you might like to have wine & bread (cake) on standby to join in !

After the service Gabriel will lead a workshop and the theme will be: ‘Buying Easter eggs is now illegal’ – what Jewish texts can teach us about the role of police during lockdown (and why Maimonides calls the police “men with sticks and whips”!)

We will post clear joining instructions in our private Facebook group.

Everyone is welcome, especially those who have never been to one of our services before.