What is the future for MLJC?

Each year MLJC holds its Annual General Meeting where reports from the Chair, the Treasurer and the Secretary are presented to members. This year is different – we must have a difficult discussion about the future of MLJC because in our current format MLJC is no longer financially viable.

Membership and attendance is dwindling whilst costs for room hire, Rabbi wages and general expenses are increasing. We need the community to agree the best way forward.

We’ve been discussing within the council many options include reducing the number of services led by a Rabbi, working more closely with our Progressive partners in Greater Manchester to share resources or copying the model started in Crouch End where suppers and prayers are held at members homes.

Of course, we’re open to any other ideas that our members come up with and everybody on the council is committed to a vibrant future for Liberal Judaism in the North West in whatever form this might take.

Provisional dates for the AGM are being considered for late June, and we will communicate with all members as soon as possible and at least 1 month in advance.

If you have any comments, suggestions, items for the agenda or just want to chat about the future of MLJC please get in contact via email.